Teacher shortage ‘costing millions in supply staff


Teachers’ union leaders are warning that teacher shortages are costing schools hundreds of millions of pounds in temporary supply staff.

The National Union of Teachers says schools in England spent £733m last year on supply teacher agencies.

The union says it is wasting money intended for children’s education.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is launching a TV recruitment campaign to attract a “new generation of passionate and gifted teachers”.

Head teachers have been reporting deepening problems with getting enough staff.

The Department for Education has launched a television advertising campaign to encourage more applications, saying that 35,000 trainee teachers need to be recruited every year.

Cash incentives

There are particular problems in finding teachers in subjects such as physics, and the government is offering increasingly generous bursaries.

A physics graduate with a good degree can claim up to £30,000 tax free for entering teaching.

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Image caption A TV advert is being launched to attract more people into teaching

“Great teachers are at the heart of our drive to extend opportunity to every single child,” says Mrs Morgan.

“That is why we are

Get Your Child Involved With After School Science Experiments And Give Them An Edge In The Sciences.


A portion of the best preschool exercises are science related. Preschool age kids are curious and receptive, immaculate attributes for growing youthful researchers; Science at a preschool level is a great deal of fun; children are really entranced by concoction responses, love investigating nature, and hop to manufacture things. Furthermore, as a reward you don’t need to get into the hard clarifications of what is going on, let perceptions represent themselves. So in the event that you are prepared to attempt some science with your preschooler (or more seasoned kid) here is a rundown of the best 20 science ventures for preschoolers from my year spent as the SCIENCE MOM and couple of late ones my children have adored.

Milk Painting

This anticipate is extremely well known on the web and I can see why. The mix of milk, dish cleanser, and sustenance shading makes for some shading whirling enchantment! You can even dunk paper in the milk to make milk “print” to keep. A standout amongst the most well-known posts here on Babble Dabble Do has been Milk Painting and I can see

The Benefits of Taking a Course on PR management

Almost every business owner must learn how to operate well under a public spotlight. As your business grows, you will start turning heads; people will begin asking questions about your company, and the press might also begin to poke around. There are two things that you can do when this happens: either botch up your chance in the limelight and end up showing your company in a negative aspect, or use the attention of the media in a positive way to generate more goodwill for your company. Major companies generally hire PR managers in order to help them get word out about new promotions and other major changes at the company.

PR managers generally have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. A PR manager is not only responsible for handling all correspondence with the media and other entities, but/she is directly responsible for how the world see the company. In the case where some private information about the company is exposed, it’s the job of the PR manager to minimise the damage by releasing statements to the press in order to curtail the problem. As you can imagine, there’s no exact science to managing public relations

The Benefits of Christian Wilderness Therapy

Sending your teen off to a reformative camp is a difficult decision, but sometimes they leave you with no other choice. As a parent, you can look into reform schools for boys or homes for troubled girls, but many of them take harsh approaches that leave teens emotionally scarred and withdrawn after they come home, only causing them to lash out more.

Wilderness therapy programs on the other hand offer teens the chance to get away from everything that bothers them – the trouble at home, the pressures of school and the judgment of peers at school. They can meet with others who are dealing with the same issues they are, stripped away of their pretenses and images and instead exposed to the wondrous beauty of nature.

A Christian wilderness therapy program can do wonders for teens, as it places them under the loving guidance of a spiritually-led teacher who wants to do nothing more than direct their hearts and minds to the best teacher of all: Jesus. Teens can find a friend in the Lord, as He suffered many trials and tribulations Himself as a man on Earth before paying the ultimate price for our sins.

The purpose of a Christian

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Laboratory Freezers for Keeping All of the Important Things

If you think that freezer is only used to store all of the frozen foods, then you are wrong since nowadays you can find many laboratories are using the freezers to store all of their supplies and stocks. However, the things that they put inside the freezer are of course different from the things that you usually tore inside your freezer. If you are looking to buy the laboratory freezer, then you might need to know some of these things first to make sure you are buying the proper freezer for your laboratory needs.

The first one is the size of the freezer that you need. This one is important since you need to know how much space that you need in your freezer and how many things that you will put inside the freezer. When you want to put many things, then you will need the big freezer for your laboratory. The second one is the simplicity. For some reason, a lot of things inside your laboratory need the specific space and areas inside the freezer. That means, it will be better for you to pick the kind of freezer with some partition so that you can put all